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Who is responsible for the Fort Hunt Football & Cheerleading program?
The day-to-day activities of football and cheerleading are directed by the Commissioner, Ricky Hairston.

What are the age requirements to participate in Fort Hunt Football & Cheerleading?

Ages are 6 - 14 years old as of October 1, 2021 (Flag Football)                                    

Ages are 7 – 16 years old as of October 1, 2021 (Tackle Football)
Ages are 5 - 16 years old as of August 1, 2021 (Cheerleading)

How much does it cost to participate in Fort Hunt Football, Cheerleading & Dance?
The 2021 registration fees are as follows for the first child:

$245.00 - Football (UNLIMITED & TACKLE)
$185.00 - Cheerleading

Additional children: 
$210.00 - Football
$175.00 - Cheerleading

*Please note that if you are in need of financial assistance, scholarships are available.

Please contact:

Commissioner, Ricky Hairston at forthuntcommissioner_hairston@hotmail.com   

Am I required to purchase equipment to participate in Fort Hunt Football & Cheerleading?
No. All equipment is provided with the exception of cleats for football players and sneakers for cheerleaders.

Where and when are the games played?

Tackle Football & Cheer-

The tackle season begins the first Monday in August and the first game is mid-September and the season ends early November. The games are usually played on Saturdays, however games may be held any day of the week (including Sunday). Games are played throughout Fairfax County (some teams will play in Arlington, Prince William and Loudoun Counties). Each team has 7 games (usually 3 to 4 are played at Carl Sandburg).


The season starts mid-September and ends early November. Games are played throughout DC/Maryland/Virginia.

The Fort Hunt House League Flag games are played in the local community and require limited travel.

Do cheerleaders travel with football teams?
Yes. If the cheerleading registration numbers are sufficient, each football team will have a group of cheerleaders assigned to them.

How are siblings assigned to teams?
Football players are assigned by age and weight, if siblings can play on a team together, they will be assigned to the same team. If a cheerleader has a sibling playing football, the cheerleader will be assigned to the football team with her sibling.

Who do I talk to if I have more questions about the organization?

Comissioner Ricky Hairston at forthuntcommissioner_hairston@hotmail.com