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Youth Flag Football Leagues (ages 5 - 14)

Dates: March 7, 2023 – May 2, 2023

Cost: $100

Where: Local Fort Hunt area

Registration: January 2023!

The Fort Hunt Federals Flag Football League teaches players basic football skills, while promoting teamwork and sportsmanship.

Practices and games take place two days during the week leaving weekends free for family time, making this a convenient option for families.

In the game of flag football, teams run or pass the ball down the field in order to score a touchdown. The primary difference in flag is that it is a “no contact” game. Instead of tackling the ball carrier, defensive players attempt to pull the flags off the ball carrier’s belt.

The players will be separated by age and placed on a team.  They will play against kids in their age group.  Players will practice on one weekday and play a game on the next designated weekday….ie practice Tuesday and game on Thursday.

Don’t let your apprehension keep your child away from the fun of the game.  Youth sports help kids stay fit, build character and develop skills they will use the rest of their lives.



Fort Hunt House Flag Football is run entirely by volunteers. Please take a moment before you begin the registration process to view the job duties for each Volunteer Opportunity.

Volunteer Opt Out Fee
We recognize that not all families have the ability or inclination to volunteer. If you choose not to volunteer to perform at least one of the above volunteer duties, you will be assessed a $55 volunteer opt out fee.

Leagues (Age Groups)*
*Final league placement will be made by league managers based on number, skill, and age of all registrants.

FHYAA requires that a $25 administration fee be charged for all refunds. Total amount of refund is determined on a case by case basis.